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Welcome to the


Welcome to the official website of the Sunbeam Car Club of Victoria (SCCV), and thanks for paying us
a visit.

The SCCV has been connecting owners and enthusiasts of Sunbeam cars since 1973. I often wonder
whether the small group of Sunbeam owners who connected at the All British Motor Show at
Lilydale Airfield in 1973 gave thought to the possibility that the club would still be going strong some
50 years later, motoring toward a half-century of both preserving and enjoying this fine English

You may be an existing owner looking to connect with other owners, or you might be considering
future ownership. It might only be a dream or a passing interest. Whatever your reason for exploring
our website, SCCV is the club that can enhance your classic car experience.

Our members have a wealth of knowledge of the history of Sunbeam cars in Australia. They can
connect you with expert tradespeople and spare parts suppliers to help you keep your vehicle where
it belongs, on the road being enjoyed. Whether you’re looking for that rare spare part, guidance on a
restoration, or a social atmosphere with like-minded enthusiasts, you’re in the right place.

We meet monthly in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, preceded by a relaxed dinner, and endeavour to
gather together for a motoring or social event every month. Whether it be a club event, spending
time with similar single-make clubs or attending a state-wide event, there’s something for everyone.

Why not drop us line via email, give our secretary a call, or find us on Facebook. We’d love to hear
from you.

Yours in Sunbeaming,